Fan Favorite Branded Basketball Gear

by Woody Kaye on February 17, 2012

 basketball 150x150 Fan Favorite Branded Basketball Gear

With March Madness just around the corner, it’s time to form your game plan for branded basketball gifts that’ll be a slam dunk with your customers and employees. Show your spirit for the game and play off the recipients’ love of basketball while promoting your own team—your company name, logo, contact information and any special messaging you want to share with current and prospective clients or staffers. Here are some fan favorites when it comes to branded basketball products that will duly increase your own fan base.


Get in the Game: Branded Basketball Gear to Cheer

Check out this winning line-up of basketball themed logo products:


  • Official-size basketball: What’s better than your own regulation size basketball to pass out to the team? The balls come in a variety of colors that can match your own company colors or that of a favorite college or pro team. Logo and company names can be pad print stamped on the balls ensuring those on and off the court can see your company identity with every dribble.
  • Micro basketball set: Turn an office or home space into a basketball court with this mini set. The set features a ball, hoop, backboard, net and mounting accessories so it can be set up on doors, cubicles, trash cans or walls. The backboard can prominently feature your company name, logo, and information, serving as pseudo signage.
  • Stadium cups: Everyone needs to be refreshed on and off the basketball court, so give them a super-sized stadium “roadie” cup. These durable cups are plastic and can withstand all elements. They come in a wide range of colors and can be silkscreened with the information you want to advertise on both sides of the cup. Cheers!
  • Basketball-topped pen: Sports fans will love this branded basketball product as it features a plastic basketball on top and smooth-writing pen below. There’s even room for a logo and company name on the side of the pen.
  • Basketball stress reliever: Whether the score is not going in your favor or it’s just a tough day at the office, fans will appreciate this stress reliever ball in the shape of a basketball. A logo and company name can be printed in a variety of colors.  
  • Basketball-shaped Post-it notes: These offer a fun way to express a love of basketball while offering the practicality of a sticky notepad to keep track of important notations. The pads have room for a logo and company name to keep your identity top of mind every time they reach for this high-utility and novel item.


In Summary

Here are the main points to note in this blog post:

  • The March Madness point in the collegiate basketball season is an excellent time to launch a branded campaign with basketball items as the primary product to gift and share.
  • Basketball gear for the court can include all types of basketballs, including vinyl, inflatable, and regulation size balls.
  • A micro basketball set turns anyplace into an instant basketball court.
  • Stadium cups work at the game, home, or office.
  • Basketball-topped pens and basketball-shaped Post-it Notes are a fun item to have at the office to show your team spirit.
  • Everyone needs a stress reliever, so one in the shape of a basketball is something to show your love of the game while easing the tension of the day.

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