Promotional Products Effectively Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

by Woody Kaye on March 1, 2013

 social resp 150x150 Promotional Products Effectively Promote Corporate Social ResponsibilityModern companies have realized the importance of presenting their corporate social responsibility vision–how they are taking care of the environment, their customers, and their employees in a way that respects diversity and well-being of all interests. While these policies are often found within the confines of corporate documents like annual reports and business plans, there are many ways where it can be communicated to relevant parties. Promotional products are one such method a company can employ as it relates to customers, business partners and staff.

Spreading the Good Word with Promotional Products

To duly position a brand and its image, it is wise to use promotional products that offer more customizable space to publicize social messages and philosophies. That means looking for items that have a large imprint area so as to include more than just the company name or logo, telephone number, and web address.  Some excellent products that may have a larger imprint area include:

  • Apparel, including hats and t-shirts;
  • Bags, backpacks, and totes;
  • Calendars and posters; and
  • Journals and notepads.

 There may be other key socially-driven communication channels to promote on your branded promotional merchandise, including a blog address, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn profile or even a QR code. This provides a way to let others know the level of interaction and engagement you desire and have available.

 Motivating Staff through Socially Responsible Promotional Products

Another way to look at spreading messages and a company culture of corporate social responsibility is to focus on motivating staff to live the company’s vision by providing them with products that foster this mindset.   Promotional items with short, poignant messages about social responsibility can help them keep these ideals top of mind. Some fitting products include:

  • Awards and recognition plaques for achievement of a certain socially responsible company ideal;
  • Badges, buttons, or magnets that they can post somewhere to remember what they should focus on when making key strategic decisions;
  • Gift baskets and drink bottle labels with key messages about social responsibility;
  • Clothing that combines the corporate brand and socially responsible messages; and
  • Jewelry, such as watches or cuff-links that symbolize the corporate commitment to social responsibility.

 Today, the marketplace cares about companies who conduct business in a socially responsible manner. Strategic promotional products can ensure your efforts and ideals are visible and aptly considered when decisions are being made.

 In Summary

Here are some key ideas about promotional products and corporate social responsibility:

  • These products are a great way to get messages about the corporate vision in this area out to clients, potential customers, and employees.
  • Select a product with a larger imprint area to list all the communication and engagement channels so clients know where they can hear more about these messages.
  • Employees can be motivated to live the corporate social responsibility strategy with products that are sure to motivate them.


Source: Premium Incentive Products, July/Aug 2012, p. 12

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